We help startups build a brand

What we do

PCB Design and Layout

Schematic Capture, Design layout, Prototype PCB Production and Part Assembly. We will take your hardware design and produce a complete prototype board.

iOS/Android Apps

We believe in creative design. A design that captures human intution yet not intrusive. A slick design will ensure engagement and helps you build your brand.


A business app needs a backend where your data is hosted. Utilise our experience in multiple technology stacks, Data Science and API design to build a scalable backend.

About Us

Our founders worked in Europe, Asia and North America for many years. And when they started Perleybrook, they adopted the alluring elements of these regions. The liberal nature of European work culture. The hardworking Indian culture. And the high work ethics of North America. Perleybrook is an amalgamation these three elements. Further, they want to make this culture easy to clone and re-use.

We want to inspire others to copy this and replicate in their organization. Our mission is to inspire and set a new entrepreneurial culture in our communities we live and work.

Case studies

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Gate Guard

GateGuard is a mobile app for the Paxton Net2 Server. A security officer at the gate can see access events as cards sliding in one by one. Also he can group all the doors together and issue a "open" command for that group. Or can hold a door open individually too.

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VideoPax is a mobile centric integration of Pelco IP Endura system and Paxton's Net2 Server. When a user swipes her card, Perleybrook's integration server capture the access event. In the event, the camera mapped to the access ACU will pan and zoom to capture the face of the user.

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Here's our pricing


2000 $

100 $/hour
20 Hours
1 Project Manager, 2 Engineers
Plug into our slack channel
3 Analysis meetings
3 Scrums
One month support


3500 $

88 $/hour
40 Hours
1 Project Manager, 3 Engineers
Your own slack channel
5 Analysis meetings
5 Scrums
3 months support

All yours

6200 $

80 Hours
1 Project Manager, 3 Engineers, 1 Marketing Manager
Exclusive marketing support
10 Analysis meetings
Scrum on request
6 month support

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