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Video Security, Access Control, Elevator System, Traffic Sensors, and Asset Tracking

Convert your reactive security infrastructure into a proactive one. Identify faults in your security detail while it occurs. Make your security system smart.

ARGUS uses an intelligent deep learning neural network that automates all of the security details. Control all devices and sensors from a user friendly console.

the heart of ARGUS is an Intelligent Video Management System

ARGUS is a platform that connects all the security infrastructure in the premise. An intelligent rule engine allows configuring ARGUS for multiple use cases. The platform can scale to manage a small building to a big city with multitude of options in between.


Video Surveillance and Analytics

ARGUS embeds a video surveillance engine that manages live and recorded video. Software adopts a distributed architecture. Hence, ARGUS can scale to accommodate unlimited number of cameras that are geo spatially scattered across miles. ARGUS provides state of the art analytics like Facial Recognition, LPR, Virtual Fencing. The software can integrate third party analytics as well.


Audio Analytics

Audio provides context to an incident. ARGUS can record audio from multiple sources. ARGUS can receive audio from the audio input of camera to external microphones. Also, audio can be recorded independent of video. This allows ARGUS to provide unique analytic solution to detect Gun Shots, Glass Breaking, Car start etc. ARGUS supports third party Audio analytics as well.



ARGUS integrates with popular Access Control, Fire Alarm, Intrusion Detection and Elevator System Modules. ARGUS provides a MQTT interface for third party sensors like, Air Quality, Water Level and Water Quality, Smoke Detectors, IoT Thermostats. The third party integrators take advantage of the distributed architecture to provide unique use cases that interact with other sub systems of the ARGUS platform.


Automation and Programming

ARGUS provides a event driven rule engine. With a drag and drop interface our customers can define unique scenarios. When the rule is executed, an event is translated into an action. The action is an email, SMS or a Visual Alert on a mobile device. So the security officer can respond to active real time events. Automation module transforms physical security management from a reactive to proactive.

A truly scalable distributed system

ARGUS can plug into the existing security infrastructure with little or no extra work.


ARGUS supports any forms of connectivity. LAN, WAN or LTE. This makes ARGUS supports solutions of any scale.

Adaptive Video

Using propreitery video compression technology, ARGUS automatically adjust the video quality for the monitoring device.

Mobile Applications

ARGUS supports remote vieweing through peer to peer technology on Mobile and Handheld devices.


How ARGUS fits into some of the familiar use cases.

High Rise Buildings

The ARGUS platform can manages VMS, Access Control, Elevators, Lighting and HVAC, Smart Displays, Fire Alarms and various other subsystems for buildings.

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Retail Environment

ARGUS can be integrated with the POS systems and provide video proof. Software tracks suspicious transactions to provide a detail reconciliation report.

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Smart City

ARGUS can provide a solution for many of the challenges of a city including fighting crime, managing public unrest, sudden fire, traffic congestion etc.

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Safe School

ARGUS provides necesssary tools to convert a school into a safe and smart school. ARGUS removes human error in the security protocol using technology.

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