Video PAX

VideoPax is a mobile centric integration of Pelco IP Endura system and Paxton's Net2 Server. When a user swipes her card, Perleybrook's integration server capture the access event. In the event, the camera mapped to the access ACU will pan and zoom to capture the face of the user. The event is "marked" in endura system. A mobile app captures all the action and post the user details right below the live video.

  • A RTSP (Real time streaming protocol) server that streams upto 16 cameras
  • An event monitoring system that listens for Paxton Net2 Access events
  • An iPad and Android mobile monitoring application

An 18 Week project, Perleybrook delivered the solution to the System Integrator. The integration helped them to provide value added service and played a crucial role in winning the bid. The system is currently in use at a high end office complex in Huston, TX