How ARGUS integrates into the security detail of a High Rise building?

The ARGUS platform can manages VMS, Access Control, Elevators, Lighting and HVAC, Smart Displays, Fire Alarms and various other subsystem.

Parking Solution

ARGUS’s LNPR module can provide access to vehicles to the building’s parking lot. As the car approaches the parking space, the LPR module will recognize the car as one registered in the system. The software triggers a relay to open a boom barrier or any access system installed at the entrance. If the parking allows non registered guests, ARGUS records the license plate and give access to the vehicle.

A forensic search feature allows security officer to search the database with the License plate. Officer can initiate the “Time Shrink” feature to trace the car and its movements through out the parking facility.

Access Control

As the tenant walks into the building, ARGUS face recognition can be integrated with the access control system to provide hands free access to the tenant. The VMS records the access event and even adjust the camera preset to record a clear video of the event.

Elevator Access

A tenant enters the building, either with an actual access card or with the ARGUS’s Face recognition based hands free access. This access event can trigger a rule defined in the system. ARGUS then provides access to the elvator system to the tenant’s authorized floors.

Other Subsystems and Reporting

Apart from the above mentioned use cases, ARGUS is integrated with multitude of other sub system. This ranges from Fire Alarm, Smart Lighting to Smart Displays. All these system can be configured to interact with the Video surveillance subsystem to generate alarms based on a predefined criteria for an event. The incidents can be reported in real time or the security officer can conduct a forensic search and generate reports with video proof of the event. ARGUS currently supports reports like Metering, Time Sheet etc.

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