How ARGUS integrates with a Retail environment ?

The solution

ARGUS is integrated with popular POS systems. ARGUS provides APIs through its platform that any in house POS systems can be integrated easily. ARGUS tracks each POS events and visually verifies the merchandise dispensed. ARGUS database contains 1000s of popular products from meat products, diary to packaged food. ARGUS utilizes a deep learning neural networks that can learn new products with minimum effort.

ARGUS tags each video of transaction and marks the one that is suspicious. The POS dashboard in ARGUS can presents the data in easy to read charts and video proof of the event. ARGUS reconciles the the data with the POS and present a report at the close of the register


The employee theft and waste cost around $15 Billion for SMEs and Corporate retail chains combined. Theft through cash register amount to $4 Billion. ARGUS can solve the problem with technology.

Popular Cheating methods

1. Barcode Swap

Employee sticks a barcode for a low value merchandise under the palm. Employee pretends to scan a high value merchandise, but the sale registered is for the low value merchandise. Employee carefully scans the barcode stuck under the arm, but scan the actual high value item away from the scanner.

2. The illusionist

Employee brings up the price check form on POS terminal. He then pretends to scan and checkout items. The scanner beeps and gives the illusion that a sale is tendered. Yet, the POS terminal won’t register a sale.


Other integration

ARGUS can be configured to other sensors in a retail environment like Temperature and humidity sensors, Smart Lighting etc. ARGUS inbuilt parking solution can identify vacant parking spots for the customers and employees and provide access to parking spaces. Audio analytics can provide distress signals and violence in the premises.

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