How Argus helps schools to become safe and smart ?

Schools have become vulnerable to security threats over the years. We are now dealing with a time where school shootings are rampant. Schools are breeding grounds for gang presence. Teachers and school administrators are dealing with jouling to drugs in school premise. And not to mention managing the visitors.

Though some of the problems mentioned are unique to US Schools; schools everywhere are facing similar issues. It is the circumstances that changes; the challenges remains the same irrespective of the country. Whether, its US, India or elsewhere the parents are concerned about their wards when they leave them off to the school.

ARGUS provides a technology solution to solve some of these problems.

Visitor Management.

ARGUS captures the visitor and matches it with the known faces in its database. The school clerk can immediately identify whether the person is a parent or a vendor or an employee of the school. ARGUS is integrated with the Access Control system as well. The school clerk can issue a temporary pass for the visitor to access the school.

Gunshot detection

The Audio analytics of ARGUS can detect many distress signals including Gunshot. When ARGUS detects the gunshot, the ARGUS can be configured to initiate a lock-down. Additionally, ARGUS can be integrated to a PA system or a distress indicator.


Cameras installed in the classroom can detect faces and mark the attendance automatically.
ARGUS provides necessary tools to convert a school into a safe and smart school system. ARGUS removes human error in the security protocol. The technology provides hands-free option for the security officer to proactively take measures to counter any security threats

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