How ARGUS helps build a Safe and Smart City ?

A safe city is a smart city. Modern urban civilization faces unique challenges never faced before in the existence of human mankind. They ranges from crime, traffic congestion, air pollution, safe drinking water, waste management and more. Administrators and urban planners are trying to solve these problems with technology. The concept of Smart City evolved from such a revolutionized thought process.

ARGUS includes features that addresses these challenges. ARGUS is build as a distributed system. Each node in this system can be spatially separated and can even be installed in facilities miles apart. The distributed nature of the configuration allows ARGUS to scale and support unlimited cameras, sensors and various other systems that may be used in a Smart City setup.

Some of the use cases that ARGUS solves out of the box is discussed in detail here.

Fighting Crime

ARGUS face recognition algorithm can detect faces in the police’s blacklist database. ARGUS can identify such person of interests when ever they appear in any of the cameras located throughout the city. As soon as the blacklisted person is detected, ARGUS can alert authorities. This helps investigators with added tool in their arsenal to catch criminals early on.

Blacklisted Vehicles

Car on the police database enters the city. ARGUS’s LPR module the car when ever the vehicle appears in the cameras installed throughout the city. Police is alerted that such a person has appeared on certain cameras in these locations. Additionally, if the person exits the car, the ARGUS can identify the person with facial recognition.

Public unrest

Police and law enforcement officers can receive warning about public unrest and street violence as an when it occurs. This provides the early responders to deploy necessary force or measures to contain the violence.

Fire in Residents

A fire in a highly populated city can always be devastating. ARGUS can integrate to multitude of fire sensors. The sensors that are deployed throughout the city provides ARGUS with real time alert when a fire breaks out. ARGUS can collect video proof of the fire and warn authorities about conditions at the location. This added information gives authorities to respond to the situation effectively.

Accident and Traffic conditions

ARGUS can determine if a traffic had stopped due to an accident. Or ARGUS can determine if a vehicle is blocking the intersection causing a traffic jam. All these information are relayed to the control and command center. Law enforcement can act quickly to unlock the traffic grid during peak hours of commute.

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