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Our vision is to build modern building security software tools that can manage the security of the facility by itself. The current solutions are reactive and are mere evidence collection tool. What if the system is proactive and can detect and deter a threat while it happens?

Proactive Video Management Software


Acceder is an AI enabled screening device


Perleybrook was formed in September 2013. Our mission is to create a workplace that encourages an entrepreneurial culture. A place where there are no employees but entrepreneurs. Each employee should be a micro entrepreneur in his role. He/She should be free to make decisions without a chain of hierarchy that limits it. And each micro decisions should transpire to benefit the overall bottomline of the organization.

Apart from the conventional titles of a CEO, CTO and COO; we follow a flat management structure across the Engineering team. Titles are formed on an ad hoc basis for each project we work on. A title is granted to one who volunteers to step in to take the responsibility for that title. A developer may volunteer to become a project manager for one project or a scrum master in another. A developer may volunteer to be a test lead or a Dev Ops and vice versa. Hence a Perleybrook engineer, will graduate with a holistic approach to software development.


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ARGUS is a smart physical security information management system that connects all security infrastructure in the premises. Whether it is fire/security alarm, access control, perimeter security, video surveillance, audio detection or any industry specif solutions, ARGUS automates all of the security details. As we are going through the most difficult times due to the Covid-19 pandemic, ARGUS comes powered with community spread prevention modules that help put up a better fight against the deadly coronavirus.

Ensures people practice physical distancing

Identifies people with higher body temperature

Reveals the true identity of the people

Alerts about fire and smoke

Tracks people without face masks

Regulates the number of people in the premises

Identifies the number plate of vehicles

Provides valuable information on setting search criteria

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