Recorded Entry and Exit

ARGUS comes with a deep learning neural network based Face Recognition algorithm. A learning algorithm needs a data set for training. Some solutions provide algorithms that require a heavy data set for training. The administrators need to provide multiple pictures of the subject to train the algorithm. Often algorithms need pictures from different profile angle. Yet, some of the existing algorithms are incapable of recognizing Asian faces. ARGUS solves this technology limitation by implementing a fast facial recognition algorithm. The algorithm gets trained with uploading just one picture to the system. From there; algorithm identifies and recognizes the face with 99% of accuracy. ARGUS accuracy of face recognition is unparalleled to any facial recognition algorithms provided with any security systems.The system comes loaded with an LNPR (License plate Recognition) algorithm. This too is unique to ARGUS. The Indian license plates are notoriously elusive to existing license plate recognition technology.

ARGUS LNPR  algorithms have been specially trained to read the     Indian license plates.With facial recognition and LNPR, any person or vehicle entering or leaving the premises will leave a completely traceable trail    in the ARGUS archive in the form of actionable intelligence

Forensic search

Once ARGUS has a trail of an event, retrieving it for viewing is easy. The administrators don’t have to sit through and view hours of videos to identify the cause of an incident. The Forensic search feature provides an interface to enter specific criteria like “Color of the object”, “Speed of the object”, “Direction of the movement” and “Type of the object”.  Thus if a blue car entered the premises;then the search criteria is ‘Blue; for the color, ‘Car’ for the type of object etc.  Even a person can be searched with the color of clothing and the direction of movement to identify all the video footage where the person appeared.

Time shrink

With time shrink ARGUS can create a synopsis of a video footage specified in a time range. In the image overlay technology of ARGUS; the video is encapsulated with all the moving objects into few minutes. An administrator can easily identify the subject or the cause within minutes from this encapsulated form of an hour long activity.

Tracking Prohibited Articles

Despite schools having implemented bag searches and other security measures to detect contrabands and firearms the prohibited articles keep appearing in the premises. They may have been thrown over a fence   or sneaked through holes and breakages in the perimeter walls. When the school/colleges spans multiple acres; it is difficult to secure the campuses with perimeter walls let alone physically monitoring the perimeter wall activities at all times.ARGUS has a solution for this in the form of a virtual fencing with video. To ensure an un-interrupted observation over and beyond the fence the surveillancedevices are focused on and beyond the perimeter.  The system works on an imaginary line with criteria like direction of movement and type of objects to trigger an alarm, which can also be an SMS on a mobile device.The same technology can be used to create zones with in the campus or even inside any building. An unauthorized entry to these zones can be easily prevented /tracked.

Real time warning

ARGUS has a very powerful system of alerting the Operational staff who has tens or hundreds of screens to watch.  ARGUS administrators can choose from 100s of pre-defined triggers and tie them to actions. An action could be an Email/SMS or pushnotification or it could even be an input to other security systems, like a light, PA system or a Siren. The rule engine is customizable. A real time notification empowers an operator to respond to any incident quick and efficiently.

ARGUS is flexible and customizable. The ARGUS video surveillance system can integrate with any or all of the third party systems available globally.  Our solution will keep your establishment safe.

What Next?

At Perleybrook we understand the power of technology. Yet, we realize Video security alone cannot solve all the security concern of a school. So we recommend that schools should have the following systems and workflow in place to complete the security portfolio of the premise.

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