The Covid-19 pandemic definitely proved the importance of emergency preparedness. Therefore, a good healthcare system is essential to prepare for any eventuality.  And the post-Covid-19 era calls for drastic changes to be introduced to ensure good health to the people. Keeping in mind the requirements of both pre-and post-Covid-19 era, Perleybrook has come up with technology solutions that can be integrated with the existing healthcare system. Our software ARGUS with its different modules has been designed to meet the new challenges brought forth by Covid-19 pandemic. By deploying this software you can easily adhere to the guidelines put forth by World Health Organization (WHO) to contain the spread of the disease.

Thermal Screening

As Covid-19 has flu like symptoms, screening body temperature is the best means to identify suspects. Usually Forehead Thermometer Gun is used to monitor the temperature of the people.  But it totally violates the WHO guidelines of keeping 1.5 meters distance from others. With ARGUS Temperature Screening Module (ATS), you can easily automate the process and easily identify people with elevated body temperature without any physical contact. And it would be immediately notified to the concerned personnel via mobile or through a user defined alarm system. ARGUS can also suggest possible primary and secondary transmission by identifying people who were proximate to people with high body temperature.

Face Mask Detection

WHO recommends face masks in crowded areas and public places so as to prevent the spread of the virus whenever people speak, cough or sneeze. And many countries have made it mandatory to wear masks when leaving homes. With ARGUS Face Mask Detection Module (AMD), the hospital staff can easily identify people entering the hospital without masks and also get alerts if people remove masks while inside the hospital. And if the hospital staff forgets to wear the mask, then he or she would be notified via mobile.

Social Distancing

Social distancing or physical distancing is one of the effective means to slow the spread of the virus. Besides, crowding can defeat the very purpose of practicing social distancing. You can easily ensure social distancing with ARGUS Social Distancing Module (ASD).  

Counting Patients in OP

ARGUS can effectively display the total number of patients in outpatient departments (OPDs). This helps the staff to regulate the entry of the patients at a given time so that social distancing can be effectively practiced in OP queues. ARGUS’ ASD not only helps identify those who violate the queue but also alert the hospital staff about it.

social distancing

Access Control

Facial Recognition based Access Control

In the post-Covid-19 era, biometric access system that makes use of fingerprint or iris of the individual to register attendance is no longer viable. ARGUS Facial Recognition based Access Control makes it possible for the health professionals and hospital staff to gain access to the hospital or health facility without physical contact.

Time /Line based Access Control

Permission to enter specific areas in the hospital or health facility such as ICU, BBU, newborn nursery, operation theatre, records room and so on are granted to very few people.  And even those who have access, their entry is sometimes restricted based on time and day.  So whether authorized or not, if anybody makes any attempt to enter after specific hours or cross the line (an imaginary line would be marked as entry point in the camera), ARGUS Time/Line based Access Control System would immediately alert the security personnel about the attempt via mobile or through an alarm system.

Automated Entry

Health professionals and hospital staff can gain automated entry/exit and get parking space within the building conveniently with ARGUS. ARGUS License Plate Recognition Module scans and collects the registration numbers and letters on their license plate, thus bringing these vehicles under the category of authorized vehicles.

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