There are certain industries, which cannot shut down however critical the situation may be. So many factories continued to operate irrespective of whether it was a lockdown or not. And the employees had no option but to agree with the management decision as the kind of work that they do can never be done from home. Amid Covid-19 pandemic, it is a huge risk that certain industries take but they have no choice but to advocate and implement measures and practices to ensure health and hygiene.  As part of it, the factories practiced social distancing by regulating the number of employees within the factories. With Covid-19 threat still looming large; here is a look at some of the smart ways proposed by Perleybrook to deal with it.

Thermal Screening & Mask Detection

With coronavirus showing no signs of receding, it is important to stay alert and follow the WHO guidelines to prevent Covid-19 from spreading.  ARGUS Thermal Screening Module and Face Mask Detection Module help to ensure conformity with WHO guidelines of wearing face masks and keeping a safe distance from others. Since thermal video cameras are used to identify people with elevated body temperature instead of Forehead Thermometer Gun, there is no personal contact. Moreover, once a person is identified as having an elevated body temperature or not wearing a face mask, then ARGUS immediately alerts the concerned personnel about it via mobile or through an alarm system. ARGUS can also suggest possible primary and secondary transmission by identifying people who were proximate to people with high body temperature.

Access Control to Restricted Areas

There are certain areas within the factory such as enclosed dumping areas where the access is granted to only a few. ARGUS helps the security personnel to ensure that the access control rules are followed by all with its Face Recognition Technology. With this technology, if any person attempts to access any restricted area, ARGUS at first checks the database to ensure whether the person has authorization or not. If the person has the authorization then he/she is allowed to enter but if the person doesn’t have the authorization then it immediately notifies the security personnel of the violation via mobile or through a user defined alarm system. ARGUS offers Time based and Line based Access Control.

Employee Attendance

Biometric access systems that verify people depending upon the biometrics authentication such as fingerprints and eyes are no longer practical in the wake of coronavirus pandemic. That’s where ARGUS Facial Recognition Technology comes useful. Unlike biometric access systems where there is physical contact, there is no such contact when it comes to ARGUS. ARGUS just scans and identifies the person as an authorized person/ an employee from a digital image. This technology also prevents intruders from entering factory or office premises and from accessing resources.

Fire and Smoke Alert

As most industries deal with combustible substances, measures need to be undertaken to prevent fires and explosions. A short circuit can quickly turn into a huge ball of fire engulfing whatever that comes its way in a matter of minutes. By deploying ARGUS, security personnel would be immediately alerted through an alarm system as soon as it detects fire or smoke. This helps avert the danger.

Virtual Fencing

When compared to physical fences, virtual fencing has many advantages. The boundary can be quickly created whenever and wherever it is required. ARGUS makes management of virtual fencing all the more smoother. With the click of a button, virtual fencing with access restrictions can be quickly created, adjusted or removed anywhere in the factory.  

License Plate Recognition

Time is precious and very many people spend a considerable amount of time at the entrance gate where they need to queue up so that the security personnel can check their IDs, do security check and make entries in the log books. With ARGUS, the factory can facilitate automated entry for authorized vehicles. ARGUS scans and collects the registration numbers and letters on the license plate so that the authorized vehicles can get quick entry into factories.

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