Metro or subway is the best mode of travel in metropolitan cities. Metro is a boon to lot many people who need to travel within the city for work since there would be heavy traffic congestion on roads during peak hours. To cope with the onslaught of Covid-19 pandemic, drastic changes need to be brought about in metro to ensure smooth and safe travel. As social distancing is one of the most effective ways to contain the spread of the disease, efforts need to be put in place to ensure social distancing while queuing up for tickets, waiting on the platform and traveling in the metro without causing any discomfort to the commuters. Let’s see how ARGUS makes it possible.

Thermal Screening

One of the foremost ways by which ARGUS helps is by monitoring temperature of the commuters who enter and exit the metro station. With the help of thermal screening cameras, ARGUS easily identifies people with elevated body temperature and immediately alerts the concerned personnel about it. Thus with ARGUS Thermal Screening Module, the metro staff can easily find out Covid-19 suspects without any personal contact and thereby conform to the WHO guideline of keeping 1.5 meters distance from others. ARGUS can also suggest possible primary and secondary transmission by identifying people who were proximate to people with high body temperature.

Face Mask Detection

With no vaccines in the horizon, face masks have been recommended by WHO to prevent transmit of coronavirus from person to person. ARGUS Face Mask Detection Module makes it the most easiest and effective means to identify people without face masks anywhere in the metro station. As soon as the violation is noticed, ARGUS notifies the concerned personnel about it via SMS or through an alarm system. If the metro staff has made the mistake, then the staff would be immediately alerted about it via mobile.

Avoid Accidents

There have been instances where people have died after falling on the tracks. In order to prevent these kinds of mishaps, commuters have been advised to stay within the place demarcated by yellow line. However, most people often show the tendency of crossing the yellow line either intentionally or unintentionally thereby putting their lives at great risk. With ARGUS, the metro staff can ensure that the commuters stay within their limits. With the help of the surveillance camera, ARGUS keeps a watch on the commuters and whenever somebody crosses the line, it would be immediately notified to the concerned personnel via mobile or through a user defined alarm system.  

Social Distancing

WHO recommends social distancing as one of the best means to prevent contact between people as it helps slow down the rate of disease transmission. People are advised to keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from others. However, it is difficult to ensure social distancing manually. That’s where ARGUS Social Distancing Module (ASD) comes to the aid.

Commuter Counting

To make social distancing successful, it is essential to regulate the number of commuters in the metro station. WITH ASD, the metro staff can easily get to know the exact number of people in a queue, on the platform and also in the metro cabins. By restricting the number of people at a given time, the metro staff can easily ensure social distancing.

Customer Satisfaction

Estimate Queue Wait Times

When commuters are in a hurry to reach their destination, long queues and wait times are definitely frustrating. ARGUS helps estimate queue wait times and notify commuters via mobile. This helps the commuters to take important decisions as to whether to go by metro or look for alternative solutions.

Facilitate the Green Channel Route

ARGUS helps ensure customer satisfaction by facilitating the green channel route for some of its passengers. Green channel means the commuters need not queue up for the tickets or undergo any kind of security check; they can straightaway head to the platform and board the metro. ARGUS creates a registry of the regular or registered passengers complete with all the details   

such as physical appearance, address, and other contact details. Using the Facial Detection Technology, ARGUS ensures the identity of the passenger. Once it is verified, ARGUS alerts the concerned security personnel for facilitating the green channel route to the passenger.

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