Policing demands a higher ethical standard and therefore it is a profession where the public places a lot of expectation upon officers yet scrutinizes their acts very carefully. Thus, policing is highly stressful as the officers need to strictly maintain law and order but at the same time ensure that their actions do not cause any public outrage. And with the outbreak of coronavirus, the police departments across the country have been on their toes. Thus, apart from maintaining law and order, preventing crimes, and responding to emergencies, the law enforcement agencies have the added responsibilities of ensuring social distancing and avoiding public gathering.  Perleybrook’s ARGUS technology solutions make policing smart and proactive; thereby eliminating any suspicion on the conduct of the officers. Here is a look at how Perleybrook comes to the aid of law enforcement agencies.

Crime Detection & Prevention

Perleybrook’s ARGUS can play a larger role in detecting and preventing crime across the country. Whether it is violent crime, property crime, white-collar crime, cybercrime, organized crime, consensual crime or antisocial behavior, Perleybrook helps the police force in gaining an edge in crime prevention and detection by making the police departments technologically enabled. And amid Covid-19 pandemic, the ARGUS technology comes to the aid of the police in containing the spread of Covid-19. This technology helps to trace the route of Covid-19 patients and thereby identify the primary and secondary contacts.

Facial Detection Technology

Every police department has a database of registered offenders with details of their physical appearance, criminal history, and modus operandi. When it is integrated with ARGUS, it matches the human faces from hundreds and thousands of digital images or video frames with those in the watch list. Once the match is made, it alerts the police department about their location. It also helps the police in finding missing people and children.
With social distancing becoming the only way to slow down the rate and extent of disease spread in a community, Facial Detection Technology helps the police to ensure that Covid-19 suspects who have been home quarantined are staying at home and not stepping out on the streets.

Facial Recognition Technology

If a crime or anti-social activity has been committed, the police can create a suspects list using ARGUS Facial Recognition Technology. ARGUS then scans and analyses the faces of everyone that the surveillance camera sees and matches it with the suspect list. If a match is found, ARGUS immediately alerts the police about it. It also helps to find the route map of missing people and children.
In the post-Covid-19 era the facial recognition technology helps to trace the route taken by Covid-19 patients and thereby identify the possible primary and secondary transmission.

Forensic Search

Getting valuable information from an abundance of video data can take hours or even days. It is almost similar to looking for a needle in a haystack. This ample loss of time can prove detrimental to the investigation. But what that takes hours and days can be done in a matter of seconds with ARGUS. ARGUS makes use of a powerful technology to make facial detection and facial recognition faster. Known as Forensic Search, it helps to set up search criteria based on color, face, size and so on.

Crowd Control

Any demonstration and protest may turn violent and turn into riots or mob violence. By using Facial Recognition software and Facial Detection software, the police force can screen large crowds and filter out rioters and habitual protesters. Besides, if curfews or lockdowns are imposed and if the protesters or people are barred from entering certain areas, ARGUS informs the police of any violations through its Line based Access Control where an imaginary line would be marked as an entry point in the camera. As soon as anyone crosses the line and enters restricted areas, ARGUS alerts the concerned personnel about it via mobile.

License Plate Recognition

ARGUS automatically scans and gathers the registration numbers and letters of license plate with the help of cameras mounted at streetlights, highways, intersections, and other places.  When integrated with the police database, ARGUS helps the police in nabbing criminals, catching up with people having active warrants, locating stolen vehicles and tracking vehicle movements.

Automated Fine for Speed Control and Traffic Violations

ARGUS Automatic License Plate Recognition software helps the police to issue tickets for traffic minor violations such as parking violations, traffic signal violations, reckless driving, speeding, and so on. On violating the traffic rules, ARGUS captures the image of the license plate and issues a ticket to the offender via email or SMS.

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