Most people today prefer gated communities. The first and foremost factor is the safe and secure environment that these provide to families. With guards, CCTVs, and other facilities, it gives a protected feeling to all the residents. However, the environment can be made smoother, safer, and more secure by implementing Perleybrook’s ARGUS technology. Let’s see how.

Automated Entry

Most residents are employed and therefore they hire maids to take care of household chores. However, in the mornings when it is more hectic, the maids would have to remain at the entry gate waiting for the security guards to complete the security procedures of verifying their identity, checking personal belongings, making entries in the log book and so on. This takes a whole lot of time. Deploying ARGUS can fasten things up by automating the entry of maids, drivers, cooks, or nannies, who come on a regular basis. It keeps a database of such people complete with details such as physical appearance, address and contact details. Using the Facial Recognition Technology, ARGUS can easily identify the person and facilitate automated entry for them.

License Plate Recognition

In high rise buildings and other gated communities, guards would be changed periodically as a security measure. So every time the guard changes, it makes difficult for the residents as the guard would take time to verify their identity. Deploying ARGUS would be a relief for the residents and the guards alike because ARGUS scans the license plate numbers and letters and stores it in a database. Once the letters and numbers of the License Plate are registered with ARGUS, it easily identifies the vehicle and facilitates automated entry for the vehicle.

Forensic Search

Occasionally there would be incidents of thefts or children going missing. In such scenarios, ARGUS can be quite beneficial. It has a powerful technology called Forensic Search that makes it possible to setup search criteria such as color, face, size and so on. This facilitates in catching the culprit or in finding the missing child.

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