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Post Covid-19, the retail sector and industries like movie theaters, malls and restaurants would never be the same again. As these places are thronged by people on any given day, strong measures need to be implemented to prevent spread of coronavirus. It has to be made sure that the WHO guidelines are followed to the letter yet business could continue as usual without causing any discomfort to the customers. The most important factor is that people need to keep a safe distance from each other so that the rate of disease transmission can be slowed down to a great extent. Perleybrook’ powerful technology ARGUS can do a great deal in this respect so that businesses are not affected badly. Let’s see how.

Thermal Screening & Mask Detection

Post lockdown, the threat of Covid-19 still exists and anytime disaster can strike. Therefore precautions need to be taken so that contact with infected people can be reduced to a great extent. For that it is necessary to screen people for elevated body temperature and deny them the permission to enter. ARGUS makes it possible to check the temperature of a person without going closer. Its Thermal Screening Module makes use of thermal cameras to screen the temperature.

On identifying people with high temperature, ARGUS also suggests possible primary and secondary contacts by identifying those who were proximate to people with high body temperature. It can trace these contacts through its Forensic Search Tool. Besides, with face masks becoming mandatory when stepping out, ARGUS Face Mask Detection Module helps identify people without masks and alert concerned staff about the same via mobile or through an alarm system.

Crowd Management

As retail stores, malls, movie theaters and restaurants attract huge crowds, it is necessary to manage crowds so that physical contact between people can be reduced. If people are allowed to enter without any regulation, it makes matters difficult.

ARGUS helps with crowd management with its Visitor Counter Detector that not just displays the exact number of customers in a day but also helps estimate the number of people that can be allowed inside at a particular time. When the number of customers inside reaches the estimated number, the door automatically closes. This helps prevent overcrowding and thereby ensure social distancing.

Queue Control

There are times when you have queues at peak times in different sections and it becomes difficult to manage it properly. And amid Covid-19 pandemic, the situation becomes all the more worrisome. In such a scenario, arrangements should be made to manage queues more effectively. So it is important to find queues that are longer and implement measures such as increasing the number of points of service in those sections.

ARGUS helps in queue management with its Queue Detection Tool that displays the exact number of people in each queue.  Thus, depending on the length of the queue, the management can optimize employee work schedule and increase or decrease the number of points of service.

Social Distancing

As per WHO guidelines it is mandatory to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters between two people so that there is no transmission of virus. Though with Visitor Counter Detector and Queue Detector Tool, the management can prevent overcrowding inside stores, malls, theaters and restaurants, this is not enough. There is the need to ensure that people are practicing social distancing. That’s where ARGUS Social Distancing Module comes to the aid. It monitors people and if social distancing is not practiced, it immediately alerts the concerned personnel about the violation via mobile or through an alarm system.

Access Control

There are certain areas that are out of bounds for a large section of employees. For instance, stock room that can be accessed only by authorized people. ARGUS uses Face Recognition Technology to identify authorized people and only allow them to access the restricted areas. It also offers time based and line based access control and immediately notifies the concerned personnel about any kind of violation via mobile or through a user defined alarm system.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key for the growth of any business. Customer satisfaction leads to customer retention. Therefore measures need to be implemented to ensure that the customers do not face any difficulties while visiting the store. In most stores and malls, staff is deployed at different sections so that customers can seek their service when required.

Normally it is difficult to ensure the presence of staff at all sections. However with ARGUS this issue can be easily resolved as it scans all the areas and if any section is found without any staff especially when there are customers, it immediately notifies the concerned personnel about it via mobile.  

Prevent Theft & Fraud

There are several instances where incidents of theft, fraud, and mismanagement come to light when cash registers are balanced. It can be in the form of employee theft or customers colluding with the employees. ARGUS helps prevent theft and fraud by recording video of all transactions. This helps to clear any suspicion as there is video evidence to fall back upon.

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