In the present day security situation, schools have become vulnerable to threats of various kinds. At a time when school establishments are faced with menace  of shooting, kidnapping,  in some cases presence of gangs  as well as distribution of drugs and a major issue of truancy, the existing man power intensive security, which is expensive, subjective and error prone, is not adequate to counter the present and emerging risks. To meet these security challenges, there is an urgent need for a completely new security system, with an optimum man-machine mix, which can respond to the evolving modern day security threats to reputed Educational Institutes.

A modern security system must, of necessity, provide asset wide transparency,complete situational awareness and should be least intrusive while being slightly obtrusive. Such a system, besides providing security, must also become a tool for efficient asset management. Perleybrook security solution, ARGUS, based on the new security paradigm, can, while providing a very high level of security, also assist the management in efficient operation of the entire asset.

Why Perleybrook and ARGUS?

We have a proven technology prime security solution, ‘ARGUS’, which has been deployed for security in the USA in school districts of New Jersey, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
With the success of ARGUS in the USA, we are now planning to provide the same standard of security to schools in India.
We conducted a study of Security in schools and colleges and some of our conclusions are:
(a) Schools/colleges are unique public spaces with a difference.
(b) It should be designed to respect human rights and civil society norms.
(c) A security solution for these establishments, of necessity, should hinder imparting of education, be minimally obtrusive, marginally intrusive and yet ensure fail safe, real time security.

Our solutions have three distinct parts:

  • Security Solution
  • Facility Management
  • Managed by a small contingent of well-trained operators and First Responders

Security Solution

Some aspects, which will drive the design of any security solution, are:

  • Controlled and recorded entry into school
  • Segregated entry, screening, recording and exit for visitors
  • Real time warning for any impending incident
  • Recorded exit from school
  • Detection of extraneous activity in the immediate vicinity
  • Prevention of theft, sabotage and undesirable activities in the entire premises

Facility Management

Some of the aspects are:

This type of security to be completely successful needs a proven technology prime solution, which can provide an extremely objective and fail-safe security at all times.

  • Access control
  • Screening
  • Fire fighting
  • Management of transport and parking
  • Elevator management
  • Lighting management


ARGUS, based on Perleybrook technology,  provides a complete solution for protection and operational management of any asset. This technology leaves no scope for human oversight due to error of judgment or fatigue from the execution.  Important features:

  • Universal Surveillance
  • Access denial at unauthorized places
  • Screening / Under-vehicle Checks
  • Vehicle Management System
  • Access Control System
  • Fire Detection and Suppression System
  • Building Management System
  • Communications – Internal, External and Public Broadcast
  • Reaction / Training
  • Control Room

ARGUS is flexible and customizable. The ARGUS video surveillance system can integrate with any or all of the third party systems available globally.  Our solution will keep your establishment safe.

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