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The Covid-19 pandemic is hinting at transforming the whole world into a new one. The way we work, socialize, communicate, or for that matter the way we lead our lives are all going to undergo a permanent change. There is going to be hard and fast rules on how the society should behave and function amid coronavirus pandemic. In such a scenario, Perleybrook brings to you technology solutions tailored to meet specific industry needs. An important aspect of this solution is that it completely conforms to the WHO guidelines set down to prevent Covid-19 from spreading.

In the present day security situation, schools have become vulnerable to threats of various kinds. 

The Covid-19 pandemic definitely proved the importance of emergency preparedness. 

Policing is highly stressful as the officers need to strictly maintain law and order.

There are certain industries, which cannot shut down however critical the situation may be. 

For a city to become Safe the technology must provide solutions for security of life. 

Post Covid-19, the retail sector, movie theaters, malls and restaurants would never be the same. 

Drastic changes need to be brought about in metro to ensure smooth and safe travel. 

Post Covid-19, great care must be taken to ensure that social distancing is practiced. 

Most people today prefer gated communities to standalone homes. 

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