The most distinguishing feature of Indian cities of the 21st century milieu is that they are very crowded urban habitats with comparatively minimal technological intervention or technology participation. These cities overflowing with human presence and enormous numbers of transport have challenges created by unbridled expansion, poor infrastructure, inadequate administration, unrestrained exploitation of natural resources and crime.

For these habitats  to become ‘Smart’ any technological solution must attend to issues impacting ease of living, commuting, transportation and  traffic management by providing fail-safe solutions, which can become  part of effortless style of living. ARGUS has solutions solving the problem of traffic congestion, providing safe drinking water, waste management, managing human habitats, very large work spaces as well as a solution for air pollution.

For a city to become Safe the technology must provide solutions for security of life resulting from, crime detection, crime investigation and crime prevention.

ARGUS has the technology to provide solutions for smart and secure living in an Urban Habitat as well suitable technologies to provide a holistic solution for prevention of crime and efficient detection.These cutting edge technologies, based on very advanced video and image processing  algorithms, have the ability to establish patterns and predict the possibility of an event occurring thus enabling the responders to take corrective actions.

ARGUS is built as a distributed system. Each node in this system can be spatially separated and can even be installed in facilities which are widely separated. The distributed nature of the configuration allows ARGUS to scale and support unlimited cameras, sensors and various other systems that may be used in a Smart Urban Habitat or an entire city and yet be controlled from one central location.

At the heart of ARGUS is a process of universal surveillance, through a variety of sensors, which is then used for some of the technologies employed by ARGUS for:

  • Facial Recognition
  • Vehicle identification through License Plate Reading.
  • Object Tracking
  • Pattern Identification / Irregular Behavior Detection
  • Host of other technologies


Facial Recognition

This is a basic ARGUS technology with a very wide application. This technology, specializing in recognizing Asian Faces, can identify and recognize a face, once introduced, with 99% accuracy. ARGUS solves this technology limitation by implementing a fast facial recognition algorithm, which gets trained with uploading just one picture to the system ARGUS accuracy of face recognition is unparalleled to any facial recognition algorithms provided with any security systems.This technology has a very wide application in controlling entry and exits from nominated places as well as in fight against crime.

License Plate Recognition

This too is a unique ARGUS technology. The Indian license plates are notoriously elusive to existing license plate recognition technology. ARGUS LNPR algorithms have been specially trained to read the Indian license plates.

Recorded Entry and Exit

This is a major feature to create a record of Entry and Exit to or from any establishment. With facial recognition and LNPR, any person or vehicle entering or leaving the premises will leave a completely traceable trail in the ARGUS archive in the form of actionable intelligence.

Access Control

Whenever an authorised person walks into an establishment,ARGUS Facial Recognition feature, integrated with the access control system will provide hands free access to the person. The Video Management System will record the access event and even adjust the camera preset to record a clear video of the event. An un-authorised person will not be allowed automatic entry, without human intervention.

Elevator Access

An authorised person enters the building, either with an actual access card or with the ARGUS’s Face recognition based hands free access. This access event can trigger a rule defined in the system. ARGUS then provides access to the elevator system to the person’s authorized floors. If an unauthorised person is detected, ARGUS will alert the Security Administrator for necessary action.

Parking Solution

ARGUS’s LNPR module can provide access to vehicles to the building’s parking lot. As the car approaches the parking space, the LPR module will recognize the car as one registered in the system. The software triggers a relay to open a boom barrier or any access system installed at the entrance. If the parking allows non registered guests, ARGUS records the license plate and give access to the vehicle.An important ARGUS feature is a forensic search feature, which allows “Time Shrink” feature to trace the car and its movements throughout the parking facility

Forensic Search

This is a unique ARGUS feature. Once ARGUS has a trail of an event, retrieving it for viewing is easy. The administrators don’t have to sit through and view hours of videos to identify the cause of an incident. The Forensic search feature provides an interface to enter specific criteria like “Color of the object”, “Speed of the object”, “Direction of the movement” and “Type of the object”.  Thus if   a blue car entered the premises;then the search criteria is ‘Blue; for the color, ‘Car’ for the type of object etc.  Even a person can be searched with the color of   clothing and the directionof movement to identify all the video footages where the person appeared.These events, recorded on hours of video footage, can be scanned by Security Administrators or Police in a matter of minutes.

Prevention of Visual Fatigue

ARGUS has a very powerful system of alerting the Operational staff who have to watch a large premises / or a city setting with tens or hundreds of screens.With ARGUS,the Security Administrators can choose from amongst hundreds of   pre-defined triggers to bring into focus the screen capturing an identified activity. A real time notification empowers an operator to respond to any incident in real time.

Time shrink

This too is an ARGUS offering for crime detection and prevention. With time shrink ARGUS can create a synopsis of a video footage specified in a time range. In the image overlay technology of ARGUS; the video is encapsulated with all the moving objects into few minutes.  A Security Administrator can easily identify the subject or the cause within minutes from this encapsulated form of an hour long activity.

Tracking Prohibited Articles: Virtual Fence

This ARGUS offering has a very wide application, which can be used in Schools. Despite schools having implemented bag searches and other security measures to detect contrabands and firearms the prohibited articles keep appearing in the premises.  These articles may have been thrown over a fence   or sneaked through holes and breakages in the perimeter walls. When the school/colleges spans multiple acres; it is difficult to secure the campuses with perimeter walls let alone physically 

monitoring the perimeter wall activities at all times. ARGUS has a solution for this in the form of a  virtual fencing with video. To ensure an un-interrupted observation over and beyond the fence the surveillance devices are focused on and beyond the perimeter.  The system works on an imaginary line with criteria like direction of movement and type of objects to trigger an alarm, which can also be an SMS on a mobile device.The same technology can be used to create zones with in the campus or even inside any building. An unauthorized entry to these zones can be easily prevented /tracked.This technology is widely being used in preventing un-authorized entry into high security premises.

Other Subsystems and Reporting

Apart from the above technologies, ARGUS can be integrated with various commonly used sub systems. These include Fire Alarms, Smart Lighting and Smart Displays. All these system can be configured to interact with the Video surveillance subsystem to generate alarms based on a predefined criteria for an event. The incidents can be reported in real time or the security officer can conduct a forensic search and generate reports with video proof of the event. ARGUS currently supports reports like Metering, Time Sheet etc.


While the aforementioned technologies have an important role in making our cities safer and efficient, ARGUS has a number of technologies, which help law enforcement agencies in their fight against crime.

Recognizing Blacklisted Persons

ARGUS face recognition algorithm can detect faces in the police’s blacklist database. ARGUS can identify such persons of interest whenever they appear in any of the cameras located throughout the city.  Such a sighting can raise an alarm for suitable action. The system can track the movement of such persons to identify their accomplices.

Blacklisted Vehicles

When vehicle,Blacklisted on the police database,is detected anywhere by the LNPR in the video surveillance system the Policewill be alertedto track the same and apprehend it at an appropriate time / place.  Additionally, if the driver or any person alights from the vehicle, the ARGUS can identify the person with facial recognition for further necessary action

Public Unrest

Police and law enforcement officers can receive warning about public unrest and street violence as an when it occurs. This provides the early responders to deploy necessary force or measures to contain the violence.

Fire Incidents

A fire in a highly populated city can always be devastating. ARGUS can integrate to multitude of fire sensors. The sensors that are deployed throughout the city provides ARGUS with real time alert when a fire breaks out. ARGUS can collect video proof of the fire and warn authorities about conditions at the location. This added information gives authorities to respond to the situation effectively.

Accidents & Traffic Conditions

ARGUS can determine if traffic stops due to an accident. ARGUS can also determine if a vehicle is blocking the intersection causing a traffic jam. All these information are relayed to the control and command center. Law enforcement can act quickly to unlock the traffic grid during peak hours of commute.

Fighting Crime

ARGUS face recognition algorithm can detect faces in the police’s blacklist database. ARGUS can identify such person of interests whenever they appear in any of the cameras located throughout the city. As soon as the blacklisted person is detected, ARGUS can alert authorities. This helps investigators with added tool in their arsenal to catch criminals early.

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