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    Forklift Safety

    Ensure forklift safety and prevent accidents with Flagman's advanced solution.

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    PPE Detection 

    Detect and enforce PPE violations and ensure compliance. 

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    Face Recognition

    Face recognition algorithm to implement various authorization and access controls.

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    Machine Guarding

    Protect workers from hazardous machinery by setting virtual perimeters with Flagman.

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    LOTO Gate

    Utilize standard security cameras to implement LOTO gate solution.

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    Fire and Smoke

    Use Flagman's advanced early fire and smoke detection to keep your facilities safe.

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    Hand near Blades

    Flagman's advanced AI Algorithm effectively detects hands and fingers around blades.

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    Conveyor Belt

    Stop the conveyor belt to avoid accident in Conveyor Belt.

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    Custom Models 

    We can develop new AI/ML algorithms tailored to your specific requirements.

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AI/ML based Early fire and Smoke warning System.

Flagman's fire and smoke warning system provides early detection and reliable alerts for enhanced workplace safety. With advanced vision sensors and seamless integration, ensure prompt response and protection against fire hazards. Discover peace of mind with Flagman's proactive approach to fire safety.

  • Highly Sensitive algorithm to detect smoke and fire at the earliest stages.
  • Integration with alarm systems for immediate alerts.
  • Compatibility with existing safety protocols and equipment.

  • Redundancy to ensure continuous monitoring and detection.
  • Remote monitoring capabilities for real-time updates.
  • Analytical Dashboard to gather events and data.

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Fire and Smoke Detection using Cameras with Flagman

Early fire mitigation with AI/ML Powered Flagman system.

Flagman's fire and smoke detection system utilizes the power of camera video streams to provide comprehensive monitoring and early detection capabilities. By analyzing real-time footage, Flagman can identify signs of fire or smoke, enabling swift action to mitigate potential hazards. This innovative approach ensures enhanced safety measures and proactive risk management within industrial environments.

"Flagman's fire and smoke detection system offers advanced safety through camera-based monitoring. Detect potential hazards early with our innovative technology."

Flagman's fire and smoke detection system seamlessly integrates with SCADA and other EHS systems, providing comprehensive safety solutions for industrial environments. By leveraging SCADA integration, Flagman ensures swift response and coordinated action in the event of fire or smoke detection, enhancing overall safety protocols.