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    Forklift Safety

    Ensure forklift safety and prevent accidents with Flagman's advanced solution.

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    PPE Detection 

    Detect and enforce PPE violations and ensure compliance. 

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    Face Recognition

    Face recognition algorithm to implement various authorization and access controls.

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    Machine Guarding

    Protect workers from hazardous machinery by setting virtual perimeters with Flagman.

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    LOTO Gate

    Utilize standard security cameras to implement LOTO gate solution.

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    Fire and Smoke

    Use Flagman's advanced early fire and smoke detection to keep your facilities safe.

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    Hand near Blades

    Flagman's advanced AI Algorithm effectively detects hands and fingers around blades.

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    Conveyor Belt

    Stop the conveyor belt to avoid accident in Conveyor Belt.

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    Custom Models 

    We can develop new AI/ML algorithms tailored to your specific requirements.

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AI/ML Computer vision based Machine Guarding 

Enhance Safety with Flagman: Virtual Perimeter Protection for Any Factory Layout. Utilize ONVIF IP Cameras to Safeguard Workers and Ensure Machine Operation Safety.

  • Browser-accessible dashboard for perimeter configuration.
  • Delivered in an electrical panel mounted near the machine.
  • Electronically integrated with the machine's braking system.
  • Can use external PLC through direct relays or using modbus. 
  • Real-time alerts to IP66 displays or to the SCADA system.
  • A cascading rule engine that can be programmed for various machine states.

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AI Machine Guarding Solution using Flagman

Using standard IP Cameras and Flagman to build Machine Guarding.

Machine guarding can be challenging to implement, especially in factories with layouts around machines that aren't perfect rectangles, where traditional solutions can be costly or even impossible. Flagman uses ONVIF IP cameras, USB Cameras or GMSL Cameras to set up a virtual perimeter around machines, protecting workers who might wander into the perimeter while the machine is operating.

"Flagman: Ensuring Workplace Safety with Advanced Alerts. Connects to Audio Devices, SCADA, and E-Stop for Immediate Action. Keep Your Workers Safe and Secure."

Flagman connects to audio alert devices like chi sirens and hooters to warn workers wandering into operational zones. It can also alert operators to stop or trigger a SCADA rule to alter the machine's state. Moreover, Flagman can interface electrically with the E-Stop or braking system for instant machine stoppage. It offers EHS engineers all the necessary tools to ensure workers return home unharmed.