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    Forklift Safety

    Ensure forklift safety and prevent accidents with Flagman's advanced solution.

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    PPE Detection 

    Detect and enforce PPE violations and ensure compliance. 

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    Face Recognition

    Face recognition algorithm to implement various authorization and access controls.

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    Machine Guarding

    Protect workers from hazardous machinery by setting virtual perimeters with Flagman.

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    LOTO Gate

    Utilize standard security cameras to implement LOTO gate solution.

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    Fire and Smoke

    Use Flagman's advanced early fire and smoke detection to keep your facilities safe.

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    Hand near Blades

    Flagman's advanced AI Algorithm effectively detects hands and fingers around blades.

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    Conveyor Belt

    Stop the conveyor belt to avoid accident in Conveyor Belt.

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    Custom Models 

    We can develop new AI/ML algorithms tailored to your specific requirements.

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AI-based hand and finger guard for saws and grinders.

Safeguard your workforce with Flagman's advanced camera and video analytics-based hand and finger detection technology. Our system can halt saws and grinders instantly, reducing the risk of accidents and instilling safe and best practices for saw safety.

  • Accurately detects hands of various types, shapes, and complexions.
  • Detects hands with various types of gloves and can learn new types and colors of gloves.
  • Supports multiple operating conditions, including dust and water mist.
  • Flexibility to adjust detection sensitivity and other operating parameters.
  • Electrically integrated with the braking system or through PLC.
  • Integrate with SCADA or with the EHS Management system using APIs

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Hand and Finger protection system using Computer vision

Transform any IP camera into a hand-monitoring tool with ease. 

A simple laceration on the fingers can cost companies around $50,000, not to mention the human suffering of the worker. Finger lacerations are common EHS issues in facilities with saws or grinders. Flagman utilizes ONVIF IP cameras to monitor hands near the blades.

"Improve workplace safety with visual evidence and proactive measures."

EHS professionals use Flagman's event data downloaded from the analytical dashboard to train employees and design new workflows.