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    Forklift Safety

    Ensure forklift safety and prevent accidents with Flagman's advanced solution.

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    PPE Detection 

    Detect and enforce PPE violations and ensure compliance. 

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    Face Recognition

    Face recognition algorithm to implement various authorization and access controls.

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    Machine Guarding

    Protect workers from hazardous machinery by setting virtual perimeters with Flagman.

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    LOTO Gate

    Utilize standard security cameras to implement LOTO gate solution.

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    Fire and Smoke

    Use Flagman's advanced early fire and smoke detection to keep your facilities safe.

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    Hand near Blades

    Flagman's advanced AI Algorithm effectively detects hands and fingers around blades.

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    Conveyor Belt

    Stop the conveyor belt to avoid accident in Conveyor Belt.

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    Custom Models 

    We can develop new AI/ML algorithms tailored to your specific requirements.

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Conveyor Belt Monitoring using ONVIF IP Cameras and Computer Vision

Prevent conveyor belt accidents with Flagman's AI/ML human detection algorithm, which stops the belt upon detecting humans in its path or on top of the belt.

  • Ability to detect humans on the conveyor belt in real-time to prevent accidents.
  • The option to define customizable safety zones and boundaries on the conveyor belt to tailor the monitoring system to specific requirements.
  • Comprehensive data logging and reporting capabilities to track incidents, analyze trends, and improve safety protocols over time.
  • Compatibility with existing conveyor belt systems and infrastructure to facilitate easy installation and integration.

  • The ability to scale the monitoring system as per the requirements of different conveyor belt configurations and facility layouts.

  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy configuration, monitoring, and management of the conveyor belt monitoring application.

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Detect and prevent human accidents on conveyor belts with Flagman.

Flagman's AI-powered conveyor belt monitoring solution prevents accidents by analyzing video streams and using computer vision to detect workers on the belt. Stop accidents before they happen.

"Prevent conveyor belt accidents with Flagman's AI-powered monitoring solution. Keep workers safe with real-time detection and automatic belt stoppage."

Flagman offers seamless integration with conveyor belts via its OPC UA interface. Alternatively, it can integrate directly with the E-Stop or connect through Modbus to a PLC.