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    Forklift Safety

    Ensure forklift safety and prevent accidents with Flagman's advanced solution.

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    PPE Detection 

    Detect and enforce PPE violations and ensure compliance. 

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    Face Recognition

    Face recognition algorithm to implement various authorization and access controls.

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    Machine Guarding

    Protect workers from hazardous machinery by setting virtual perimeters with Flagman.

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    LOTO Gate

    Utilize standard security cameras to implement LOTO gate solution.

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    Fire and Smoke

    Use Flagman's advanced early fire and smoke detection to keep your facilities safe.

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    Hand near Blades

    Flagman's advanced AI Algorithm effectively detects hands and fingers around blades.

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    Conveyor Belt

    Stop the conveyor belt to avoid accident in Conveyor Belt.

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    Custom Models 

    We can develop new AI/ML algorithms tailored to your specific requirements.

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Pedestrian Detection System for Forklifts and other Material Handling Equipments.

Discover Flagman: The World's Most Accurate AI-Based Forklift Safety and Material Handling Equipment System by Perleybrook. Prevent Forklift accidents with cutting-edge computer vision technology.

  • Can connect up to 16 cameras for 360 degree coverage. (Depends on the tonnage and size of Forklifts/Reach Trucks)
  • Audio and visual alerts are available.
  • Custom MP3 files can be uploaded to provide audio alerts in local languages.
  • The IP66 HDMI display supports a 2x2 or 4x4 camera grid and provides visual cues to operators.
  • Integrates with forklifts/reach trucks to decelerate or stop on supported models.
  • Analytical Dashboard to view the events.
  • 72 hours of Video Recording (Optional)

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Over 350 forklifts world wide uses Flagman

The Ultimate IIoT Safety Solution for Moving Machines. No Cloud or Internet Needed. Perfect for Forklifts, Reach Trucks, Stackers, and Overhead Cranes.

"Maximize Safety with Flagman: Advanced Blind Spot Detection for Forklifts. Integrates Seamlessly with Control Panels to Prevent Accidents. Ensure Safety in Every Turn."

Flagman on forklifts utilizes proprietary USB/GMSL cameras to detect humans in the forklift's blind spots. Cameras are strategically placed on the forklift/reach truck frame for maximum blind spot coverage. The device integrates with the forklift control panel to stop or decelerate (on supported models) in the event of a potential accident.

360 View Flagman

A 4 camera solution with Operator feedback.

Fast Response

  • Response time is  < 100ms

Flagman on Reach Truck

Demo of Flagman on a Reach Truck

  • DD

Flagman in Dark

Flagman AI model is trained to detect human error in various light conditions.