Perleybrook was formed in September 2013. Our mission is to create a workplace that encourages an entrepreneurial culture. A place where there are no employees but entrepreneurs. Each employee should be a micro entrepreneur in his role. He/She should be free to make decisions without a chain of hierarchy that limits it. And each micro decisions should transpire to benefit the overall bottomline of the organization.
Apart from the conventional titles of a CEO, CTO and COO; we follow a flat management structure across the engineering team. Titles are formed on an ad hoc basis for each project we work on. A title is granted to one who volunteers to step in to take the responsibility for that title. A developer may volunteer to become a project manager for one project or a scrum master in another. A developer may volunteer to be a test lead or a Dev Ops and vice versa. Hence a Perleybrook engineer, will graduate with a holistic approach to software development.
However, our sales team enjoys the privilege of a more conventional static titles. Yet the sales organization of Perleybrook too is flatter than one found elsewhere. But, the sales and engineering are integrated inside out. A sales engineer can pitch a business case for a project and round up a team of developers to execute it. The team will form itself with ad hoc titles where the Sales Engineer is the product owner. The team will form a startup organization within Perleybrook. Engineers are well aware of the success or failures of their projects and feel compelled to evaluate the ROI of their projects.
We at Perleybrook feel that to instill an entrepreneurial culture, the physical environment too should contribute to inspire. Hence we invest in the best tools money can buy. Every engineer gets a shiny mac and an iPhone. We use JIRA and slack for internal communication. Our communication are out in the public and all of us are aware of all the business and non business decisions within the organization. We even add our customers to our slack channel. This transparent culture is our commitment to stay true to each other.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build modern building security software tools that can manage the security of the facility by itself. The current solutions are reactive and are mere evidence collection tool. What if the system is proactive and can detect and deter a threat while it happens?. We are building tools that can convert an archaic and obsolete security system to a more modern automation software.
Building security software is an investment with no foreseeable ROI by itself. It is a necessity rather than a utility. At Perleybrook we feel that a security network can be converted to an automation tool. A tool that can be used to manage other business functions as well other than physical security. For instance, a CCTV camera in a retail shop can be used to collect foot fall count. With the advancement in AI and Machine Learning and Computer Vision, use cases like this are possible than ever before.
Building and spaces are seeing a surge in the smart connected devices. We are at the cusp of a disruption where most of the physical security infrastructure is turning smart. Perleybrook wants to be the flag bearer of this disruption. We want to ride through this transition phase and be at the front of the technology adoption.


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